Challenges drive us to innovate

We are a small Ottawa, Ontario based construction company

specializing in contemporary solutions.

At Modernbuild we love creative construction. As a boutique company it is our goal to make your vision tangible. We offer custom solutions that address the utility of your environment.
Ryan Ward

Ryan Ward

Enthusiastic builder | driver of efficiency : Ryan understands the details behind the finishes and brings over 15 years of industry experience to Modernbuild.

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Our comprehensive skill set

enables us to execute every stage of the design and build process.

Do you have a space that needs a full build out? Let us design it from inception. We can bring your blank canvas to life. Do you have a space that is undergoing a remodel? One of our greatest strengths is marrying the new with the old. Do you already have a strong notion about how you want your space to take shape? Let us support you by detailing the nuts and bolts in order to bring the project to full realization.


Meet, greet, generate ideas


Schematic design and renderings
Timelines and contracts


  • Distinctly contemporary edge
  • Progressive design sensibilities
  • Our network of trades is licensed and insured
  • We warranty all of our work
Straight Shooting
  • Full disclosure
  • Timely responses
  • Delivering the best value for your money
  • To the most earth-friendly materials
  • To the details
  • To client satisfaction

Featured Work

Coach Houses Secondary Dwellings

Big Style, Small Space

Coach Houses

Custom Designed & Energy Efficient

Looking for a coach house for your next project? We have extensive experience in tiny houses, backyard studios, modern sheds, and backyard offices, specializing in smaller projects including secondary dwelling units. We are build enthusiasts and experts at articulate small space design. Coach houses are a perfect solution for:

  • Office work space / Backyard office
  • Retreat space / Modern studio
  • Music studio
  • Yoga / Exercise studio
  • Secondary residence / Rental suite / In Law suite
  • Children’s playroom

View Ottawa Guidelines for Secondary Dwelling Units

Commercial Work

At Modernbuild we know that there is more to great design than visual appeal. We are dedicated to understanding your business goals and passionate about creating an environment that serves them. Our contracting services understand the components that commercial developments require and we stay current on standards, code and materials that make a difference.

We work with you to interpret your needs and deliver completed projects that elevate the functionality of your workspace.

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