Tools you Need Right Now

Tools are fun.  Tools are toys.  Tools are utility.  Today we are going to have a look at the ever changing world of power tools and highlight a couple of key products we think are changing the game.

Let’s start with the dominance of battery powered power tools that we take for granted on today’s job sites. They are not inexpensive nor without some annoying limitations but battery powered tool enable us a freedom that we have come to expect in construction. That freedom is the freedom from being tethered by an annoying electrical power cord. It wasn’t long ago that contractors would carry an arsenal of extension cords with 3 way adaptors or power bars to extend the power connection to as many tools at once as possible. Those tools meant that you were feeding from a client’s house plug or even a generator if local power was not available. It seems crazy to consider how many times people must have tripped over those cords or pulled the connection apart in the middle of that crucial cut … which was taking stealthy focus while holding your body in a precarious position to complete.

Today our tools carry small weights attached to them called batteries and we go higher, further, deeper, and more awkward with them as a result of not having that power chord. It’s become so standard, so ubiquitous that when electric tools do come out of the woodwork coworkers often scoff at the person about to use this antiquated museum piece. But the purists recognize that our lithium ion batteries have depreciation in charge life over time; that ni-cads are useless in both cold and hot temperatures and waiting for those batteries to charge can mean down time in productivity. It’s true; but still we invest over and over in new batteries to replace our deceased comrades without considering the electric option. From mini 12V impactors to mean and meaty 36V sawsalls, the battery operated power tools are replete with options for every trade and task. We see no way back from here.  SO who are the players pushing game forward and which tools are winning on the job site where it matters? Here are 2 on our radar:

1.  Dewalt Oscillating Multi Tool

This tool is my clear vote for tool of the year. It’s kicking ass all over the place. I literally can’t believe how often I find myself reaching for this thing. Its doing flush cuts, detailed plunge cuts, quick snips, and it packs the power to keep up with the 20V battery. All the competitors are offering their versions in a 12V or electric option…In other words; they have been left firmly behind.

2.  Bosch Socket Ready Impact Driver

If you don’t have one yet stop what you’re doing and go get it. This tool is so awesome I can’t fathom how it was not invented a long time ago. Impactor drills shook up the drill market over a decade ago  but not until now did someone combine the impactor chuck with the 1/2″ socket chuck.  Now you don’t need to buy a new socket set with the fitted end to work with your drill. Just plain brilliant!


More on tools later since this topic is so expansive!