The Night Light Makes a Comeback

LED night light, Modern night light

The night light is making a comeback. Let’s face it; more of us have night lights than would admit it, they are not just for kids. Night lights provide a subtle lumen for those middle of the night bathroom trips. I try to complete this 3am exercise without injury, so my night light is essential for dodging the various obstacles in my bedroom. Remaining barley conscious is also only achievable by not turning on the full power ceiling light, making it gloriously easy to return to my pre-pee dream exactly where I left off.  So are you ready to meet the coolest night light who just showed up to the party?  Introducing Snap Power!

Snap power white        Snap Power Guide Rays Modern night light

Technically this isn’t even a light fixture, or a plug with a light, it’s a cover plate for a plug, with built in LED lights. Small LED’s project downward towards the floor and energize when the built in night eye (or sensor) reads a certain level of darkness. Check ‘em out at and never be embarrassed about your old school plugin night light again.