Lighting Design: LED Strip Lights

When you’re renovating or building there are a ton of design details competing for your attention. Lighting often rounds out the bottom of the list when making decisions.  If you own a spec house you no doubt have a center octagon in each room and nothing more. Well guess what, that sucks!  Lighting is not an afterthought or even an easy thought because if it’s not done right then many day to day tasks will require supplemented lighting like lamps, a desk light, or worse, the full range of moods will not be attainable. This means your dinner party remains full etiquette and there is very little chance of igniting kitchen dance parties. Let me put it to you like this, your grandmother’s house where the living room has no light fixtures, and the switch only activates a table lamp in the far corner… is the equivalent of cavemen lighting a candle in their cave. We can do better with some lighting design.

The vastness of lighting options today is enough to flip that script on your renovation hierarchy and make you build everything else around the lighting. Sure pot lights have been king for a decade strong, and people have become comfortable throwing a dimmer in where a standard switch was, but it doesn’t stop there. Why do you think electricians are so well paid? The lighting industry is expanding in stride with peoples’ energy consumption.  Do you want lights under your upper cabinets in your kitchen?  Do you want lights under your stair treads?  Do you want lights in your wardrobe? Do you want back lighting behind your TV? Of course you do. How about inside the kitchen cabinets or inside a fence panel?  Or even back lighting your bathroom mirror?  Damn straight!  If you can dream it there is a lighting solution for it.

LED strip lights have made it easier to install subtle low profile lights in places previously more conspicuous. These strips can come with an adhesive back and are able to be stuck on any surface running in any direction and can change directions along its length. They are also low voltage and super-efficient so you don’t need to hesitate based on the threat of a massive hydro bill. LED’s consume so little energy that you can back light your entire life and it wouldn’t sink your wallet. The format of these LED strips is so different than fixtures of yesteryear that your renovation designs are freer, tighter, sleeker, and most importantly better lit!

LED kitchen             backlit mirror