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  • A Check-In On New Home Construction

    New subdivisions seen from a bird’s-eye view look like somebody transcribed a mathematical equation onto a landscape; there is nothing organic about them. They lack the natural human chaos that can only evolve over many generations. It’s an area of housing that lingers somewhere between 0-1 on the sexy scale. In today’s overheated design industries […]

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  • Resistance To Modern Homes In Established Neighborhoods

    Why do neighbors in established neighborhoods often have a visceral reaction to a modern home being built on their street? In all big cities today the most established neighborhoods occupy the more central geography of the urban territory. Simply put, they were constructed a long time ago when they were the newest suburb and now […]

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  • Lighting Design: LED Strip Lights

    When you’re renovating or building there are a ton of design details competing for your attention. Lighting often rounds out the bottom of the list when making decisions.  If you own a spec house you no doubt have a center octagon in each room and nothing more. Well guess what, that sucks!  Lighting is not an afterthought […]

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  • Modern shed Modernbuild LED strip lights

    So what is the Deal with Modernbuild?

    So what is the deal with Modernbuild you ask? At Modernbuild we are a group of passionate builders and design fanatics. We believe that fun can be a powerful business tool that inspires creativity and new ways to engage one’s surroundings. What we do is deliver you professional and striking projects that improve the way […]

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